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We are offering car remapping to increase the power of your car and make it more fuel efficient

Turbo petrol & turbo diesel cars and vans

All remaps are of the highest quality and are made specifically for the vehicle.

ECU Car remapping – power or fuel save maps

DPF removal / DPF OFF – DPF delete remapping . The permanent solution to ongoing DPF issues .

EGR OFF – no more limp mode – no more power loss

Quality REMAPS by Monster Tuning – leading Tuning Company

All equipment we use is genuine

Increase horse power up to 30%

Fuel economy up to 15%

This will not affect your NCT test if done correctly so do not risk doing a cheap job!

Sometimes it’s not all about the power but the enhanced throttle response, more exciting to drive, more bottom end torque, safer overtaking, better pulling power and MPG savings guaranteed.